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There are so many different money making ideas around on the internet that we have become weary, and for good reason. We are aware, by now, that most of the opportunities that are available online are just mechanisms to con us out of our hard-earned money with promises of massive riches, but these promises never materialize. So, we have arrived at the point that we barely look at websites that tell us we can really make money online. But is this fair? What about those ideas that aren’t pyramid schemes or other complete scams? Are we missing out on opportunities to earn money just because we don’t trust what is out there? It seems that we are. Sure, it is a minority of products that actually work, but we dismiss them because we are becoming cynical. However, we aren’t cynical yet, and we decided to test out My Fun Life. And guess what we found? A scam, or one of the few opportunities that actually work?



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